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Privacy policy

Scope Of This Policy

This privacy policy pertains to the information that is collected or provided on our applications and sites in which this privacy policy is published. This is applicable to all our digital properties and/or applications which we have made available on other third-party platforms. It also pertains to the information made available to us by guests, or those that we have collected both online and offline through service providers, vendors or through our digital properties. This privacy policy is made in accordance with the law applicable to the places of our operation. There may be additional privacy policies in certain cases due to specific practices, regions, or products that we endorse on the platform, we will keep updating it as and when applicable. Such terms are to be read as combined privacy policies along with this privacy policy and shall be applicable as the same whenever and wherever applicable.

It is the user’s responsibility to note that when you use our applications from third-party platforms, the information provided by you could possibly be collected separately by the third-party platform. All information collected by us is covered under our privacy policy, but information collected by third-party platforms through download or use of our applications on such platforms is not covered under our privacy policy. The information collected thus, by third-party is only subject to their privacy practices. Hence privacy choices that you make on such third-party platforms will not be applicable to us or the data we collect through our applications. It is for the user to note that our site may contain relevant links to third party websites which are not owned, operated or controlled by us through any means, hence privacy choices made by you on those sites will fall under their privacy practices and will not be covered or applicable to us in any form or content. We advise you to thoroughly go through our privacy policy and privacy policy of any other sites you may be directed to from our site.

Who We Are

Our company includes a single brand and several types of services under that brand. When you create an account, register, log in, sign up on our digital properties, like our sites and applications, the information you share is controlled under Able Aura.

Types Of Information We Collect

Two different types of information are collected, first, personal information (as defined under this policy) and anonymous information (as defined under this policy). This information collected may be used by us to create another type of information and/or summarize this information (as defined under this policy). Very specifically, we collect:

  • Information provided through registration - When you create an account with us and/or sign-up, link your profile to a third-party site with details of your registered account which includes, but is not limited to gender, name, place of residence, date of birth, password, username or email id
  • Information provided through transaction - Any information that you provide on our site or applications for requesting information, or the ones you provide for a purchase, exchange or return of any service or product endorsed on our platforms as in your billing address, postal address, payment information and/or telephone number
  • Information on public forums - Information that is provided by you on the forums on our site and/or applications, as in public posts or comments. Information that is provided on one-to-one basis using our message or chat, post or any other similar functionalities, whenever permitted or made applicable by law for collection of such information; Information obtained from a third-party site or platform, for use of our applications on said third-party platforms
  • Information of location - This includes location information provided by the device or mobile that is interacting with our digital properties such as our sites, or applications, or through our physical properties, or any other information relevant to your IP address detected online or by any device identifier, if permitted and required by due process of law for collection of this information
  • Information of activity - Information related to your use or the use of our sites or applications by another individual as authorized by you, as in the views, the content viewed by you or authorized person, the frequency of your use of our services, preferences, choices;
  • Information on usage - The technical, usage and viewing of content on our sites, the device data when you visit our sites or use our applications on third-party platforms, open promotional messages, emails we send, device or browser you use, IP address and device identifier
  • Information on call recordings - Calls are recorded when you call us, or contact us

How We Collect Information On The Website

The information on this site is collected when you make a request to purchase any product, service and/or interact in the forum, register for a service or on applications, when you link your profile to any third-party platform using the account you have with us for registration, take part in any other activity on our site or applications, respond to our emails or surveys, call us or contact us in any other form, or when you interact with us in any other form through one or more channels or devices. This collected information includes information passed on through voice commands and/or typing.

We use cookies, pixels, software development tools, flash cookies, tags, web beacons to collect information when you use our site, applications or our applications through third-party platforms with one or more such devices, in cases where you log-in or have registered, as well as in cases when you are not logged in or not registered. To disable cookies, you can use online applications of your choice to block cookies or make choices accordingly to prevent such collection of data.

Use Of Collected Information By Able Aura And Associate Companies

Able Aura is the data controller for the information collected and it may use the information for all purposes defined and described under this policy. Other service providers may use your data or information collected to perform services on behalf of Able Aura (acting as the data processor in this case), unless it is prohibited by the law, for use of their own purpose, as described under this policy. We may use the collected information, to:

  • Provide services, products, trips, experiences to you, engage with you and/or provide you with purchase options
  • Communicate with you for providing information relevant to your account, request you for feedback, transactions you make through our digital properties, inform about changes to applications or policies;
  • Send you promotional messages, offers, or information about services or products on our sites, applications or about third-party products and services;
  • Personalize the content you view and experience on our sites and platforms;
  • Provide you options with targeted advertising depending on your previous activity, preferences
  • Optimize, operate, develop, improve understand our applications or sites, services, products, forums with use of surveys, feedbacks and analytical tools;
  • Prevent any and all such activities through detection of such activities that may harm or violate our policies in any way, and/or pose issues of safety, or anything deemed illegal and/or fraudulent;
  • Send you notifications on services, products, or safety measures and issues

Sharing Collected Information With Third Parties

We will not be sharing the information with third-party out of Able Aura and service providers on the platforms, sites and applications, except in limited instances, such as:

  • When you provide us with permission to share your information with another company, so they can send you their promotions on products and services;
  • When you direct us to provide your information or share it with outside companies to fulfill any requests made by you;
  • When you book a trip or avail any travel packages from us or our service providers, this may include goods and/or services provided by our third-party partners, airlines, transportation providers on ground, hotels, service providers availing travel insurance;
  • When you avail booking restaurants through us, which are owned and operated by third-party;
  • When you allow or direct us to share the information with third-party platforms, and/or sites as in social media platforms
  • It is for the user (you) to note that the information shared as mentioned in above circumstances with another company will be controlled by the said company and would fall under their privacy policy practices
  • Also when companies other than Able Aura performs services on behalf of Able Aura as in marketing, performing delivery of packages or services, customer services or any form of advertising, are prohibited from the use of such information for any other purpose than the mentioned and authorized one by us, or as applicable by law;
  • When we share such information with third-party n relation to sale of a business, for ensuring security and/or safety of said third-party, guests, users, service providers, for enforcement of Terms and Conditions of use and/or rules, protection of our property and rights, for protection of property and rights of the users, guests, third-party, service providers, in compliance with the due process of law, or in cases where we disclose such information as applicable and required by law in good faith

Choices And Controls You Have Over The Information You Provide

We do have options and choices for you to exercise your rights to control certain aspects regarding our collection, sharing or use of your information. In compliance with law your choices and controls may include:

  • Correction, updating, or deletion of the account your register with us;
  • Changing your choices for the alerts, notifications, newsletters and subscriptions we send;
  • Choices to whether or not receive offers, promotions, of the services and products suggested by us;
  • Control of advertising targeted at you from other networks or our partners, exchange of data, analytics of marketing and/or digital advertising and/or marketing;
  • Choices to limit your participation in surveys and feedbacks;
  • Request for deletion or amending your information that we hold;
  • Request of removal or deletion of information provided by you on our public forums
  • These controls and choices may be exercised by you upon communication with us. Please write to us

It is for the user (you) to note that if you do not permit us to collect the said and explained information we may not be able to avail the best of experiences, services and product for you, some services, products, or packages and experiences may not be shown to you as we will not be able to detect your preference. Whatever information is mandatory for collection, we will make it a point to provide you with that information, for you to make a mindful and informed decision

Children's Privacy

We understand the need to protect children and their rights and privacy on our sites and applications. Some features on our applications or sites may not be made available for use by children. We do not at any point of use collect information knowingly from children in relation to such features on the applications or sites. For protection of children’s rights, we take additional measures, which including:

Providing notification to parents for practices regarding such information related to children, including the types and nature of information we may collect, the use, storage and whether or not or with parties with which we share such information.

In compliance with the law, as applicable in such case of or practices, obtaining of the consent from parents for collection of the said and described information, and/or for sending our services, products to their children.

Our collection of data only relevant to participation of activity only based online;

Providing parents with the control and choices to access the personal information collected, for use, change or deletion of such information.

Integrity, Retention And Security Of Collected Data

The confidentiality of the information you share, the integrity and security of the same is of extreme importance to us, we have in place physical, technical and administrative security features to ensure protection of your rights, and prevention of unauthorized access to your information. Our security procedures are reviewed and revised if necessary on a regular basis, to use the latest technologies for ensuring our best efforts in maintenance of confidentiality, integrity and security of your data. But, please note that, no security measure in the world has ever been completely impenetrable despite the best of efforts. Even then, we will keep trying our best at all points in time to keep your data safe and secure. We will only retain your information as long as is needed by the purpose as described under our privacy policy except in cases where it is necessary by law to retain it for a longer length of time.

Transfer, Storage And Processing Of Data

As of now our operations are only confined to India, but we will be using the information under our Able Aura brand as and when we start operating at an international level, for purposes as described under this privacy policy. When we transfer, store, process your information we will be using all possible steps to retain the integrity, security and confidentiality of your data at all stages of such processing. Such stages may include, but is not limited to the obtaining of consent from you, use of contractual clauses as recognized by regional law or other forms of transfer as directed, required or applicable by law.

Privacy Policy Changes

We may change our privacy policy from time to time. This may be done to include the use of updated or new technologies, updating or amendment of the standards or exceptional industry practices, regulations of the law or for any other purposes we deem fit and necessary by law. We will provide you with a notice whenever such changes are in order; wither by posting the notice on our digital properties, such as sites, platforms, social media pages, or any other channels of communication available, in compliance with the law.

From time to time, we may change this privacy policy to accommodate new technologies, industry practices, regulatory requirements or for other purposes. We will provide notice to you if these changes are material and, where required by applicable law, we will obtain your consent. Notice may be by email to you at the last email address you provided us, by posting notice of such changes on our sites and applications, or by other means, consistent with applicable law.

Comments And Questions

In case of any question or comment you may have about this privacy policy please feel free to contact us.